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Growing Book by Book


Jodie Rodriguez, creator of the blog Growing Book by Book, is dedicated to helping parents, teachers, and homeschoolers encourage their children to read. Jodie shares helpful tips and her personal experiences in order to express the best ways to help children grow with every book they read. Both a mother and an educator herself, Jodie posts book reviews, reading and writing activities, and general tips on how to encourage reading in your household or classroom.


As Jodie states on her blog, “One of my many positions held as an educator was as a Reading Specialist! I love reading! Here you will find lots of reading activities to help build young readers.” Her unique reading activities cover everything from alphabet learning to reading comprehension. Additionally, she provides great ideas for activities that engage the entire family. For example, Jodie posts about the Family Dinner Book Club: “This is one of my favorite projects. Each month we recommend a book to read with your family. Then, on the 15th of the month we share a menu, table decoration crafts and table conversations for your dinner club.” 

If you would like to visit Growing Book by Book and learn more about nurturing your young readers, click here!