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Great or Gross?


A Detroit native suggests gross and great do not need to be separate: he plans to bike from Wisconsin to New York City and only eat food that has been thrown out along the way! He acknowledges that although dumpster diving is unsanitary, yet he wants to do it anyway because it is “not about him”, but an important cause that people need to be aware of. He is hoping people will dine with him throughout his journey, and his efforts will help lessen the amount of food wasted daily! Read the full article via the link here!dumpster diving

Wildlife Alliance

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Wildlife Alliance is the leader in direct protection to forests and wildlife in the Southeast Asian tropical belt. Our mission is to combat deforestation, wildlife extinction, climate change, and poverty by partnering with local communities and governments.

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Passionate and fearless leader, Founder and President Suwanna Gauntlett.

Since Wildlife Alliance began its life in 1994 as the Global Survival Network, the organization has worked with local governments, communities, and other non-governmental organizations to implement cutting-edge conservation programs in Southeast Asia, Russia, South America, and the Western Pacific. These programs aim to protect the rainforest, preserve the watershed, and stop the illegal wildlife trade through direct action on the ground.

For more information, click here:

Wildlife Alliance

Coastal First Nations Great Bear Initiative

Supporting coastal First Nations Guardian Watchmen programs to monitor, steward and protect their lands and waters

The Coastal First Nations Great Bear Initiative Network works with First Nations communities on the North and Central Coast and Haida Gwaii to build stronger local Guardian Watchmen programs.  The Network:

Protecting the Lands and Waters

First Nations Guardian Watchmen have safeguarded the health of their territorial lands and waters on BC’s coast since time immemorial. Today local Guardian Watchmen monitor the health of the plants and animals that have ecological and cultural importance to their communities. They also monitor the impacts of activities such as commercial and sport fishing, logging, and tourism.

Local Guardian Watchmen programs play a critical role in successful resource management by helping to implement land and marine use agreements and ensuring rules and regulations are followed in their territories.

Watch for Guardian Watchmen out on the water – they are the ones flying the Guardian Watchmen flag!

Rainforest Solutions Project


Rainforest Solutions Project is a joint initiative of Greenpeace, ForestEthics, and Sierra Club BC which promotes conservation options and economic alternatives to industrial logging on British Columbia’s Central Coast, North Coast and Haida Gwaii. The Rainforest Solutions Project operates within the shared administrative platform offered by Tides Canada Initiatives. Tides Canada Inititatives has full fiduciary and governance responsibility for the Rainforest Solutions Project.

Tides Canada provides innovative philanthropic, financial, and project management services for changemakers – philanthropists, foundations, activists, and civil organizations. Tides Canada identifies environmental and social challenges and brings the resources and leadership to make change happen, by pooling the best ideas, strategies, people, and capital to achieve the greatest impact. They work on issues like habitat protection, marine conservation, water resources, climate and energy, arctic policy, food systems and urban sustainability.

For more information, click the link below:

Rainforest Solutions Project

Forest Ethics

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This is Forest Ethics, a conservation organization devoted to the protection of forests. To date they’ve secured protection agreements for 65 million acres of forests and helped move billions of dollars of corporate buying towards environmentally responsible market solutions.

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Recently the Canadian government has been conducting an unprecedented dismantling of environmental laws and review processes — heavily scrutinizing environmental groups, and attempting to limit the public’s ability to advocate strongly and oppose these attacks. In response, Forest Ethics created two independent nonprofit entities in Canada, ForestEthics Solutions Society and ForestEthics Advocacy Association, in April 2012. ForestEthics Solutions continues to craft world-renown environmental solutions such as the Great Bear Rainforest Agreement and the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement. ForestEthics Advocacy is able to devote an unlimited amount of its time and resources to environmental advocacy-to ensure that destructive projects and weakened environmental laws are vigorously and successfully opposed.

For more on Forest Ethics, please click the link below.

Forest Ethics

Guarding the Gifts

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The ancient Great Bear Rainforest is one of the largest tracts of temperate rainforest left in the world (21 million acres), and is home to thousands of species of plants, birds and animals. In this lush rainforest stand, 1,000-year-old cedar trees and 90-metre tall Sitka spruce trees. Rich salmon streams weave through valley bottoms that provide food for magnificent creatures such as orcas (killer whales), eagles, wolves, black bears, grizzlies, and the rare Spirit bear.

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Close to sixty percent of the world’s original coastal temperate rainforests have been destroyed as a result of logging and development. North America’s ancient temperate rainforest once stretched the Pacific coast from southeast Alaska to northern California. Today, more than half of this rainforest is gone and not a single undeveloped, unlogged coastal watershed 5,000 hectares or larger remains south of the Canadian border.

For more on the Great Bear Rainforest, visit Guarding the Gifts, a charitable organization located in North Vancouver, British Columbia. Founded in 2010 by members of the Gitga’at First Nation and King Pacific Lodge (a resort operating in Gitga’at territory), Guarding the Gifts has established itself as a world class model for youth empowerment and environmental conservation. Click link below to visit website.

Guarding the Gifts