The Book

Spirit Bear Cover

This is Spirit Bear, our upcoming children’s book about the spirit bear of BC! Here is a sneak peek of our story!

1 InTheDen

Annuk the spirit bear is born in a den beneath the ground, on a stormy winter’s night under the roots of a giant cedar tree in the Great Bear Rainforest.

2 CubsPlaying

After growing big and strong for many months underground, Annuk and the cubs emerge from the den and discover the rainforest. They love to tumble and play-fight together on the mossy forest floor. Life is good in the Great Bear Rainforest.


One day Annuk sees his reflection in a stream, and realizes he looks different from his family. His mother explains that he is a spirit bear, which makes him special, and that one day he’ll catch more salmon than any other bear in the forest.

4 SweptAwayFinal

When Mama bear takes the cubs to the river in the fall to fish for salmon, Annuk decides to try to catch one himself. He succeeds, but then he slips and falls into the river and is swept far away from his family!

5 Showdown

When Annuk finally makes it to shore, he finds himself tussling with a sea wolf cub for his salmon! But a wolf is no match for a bear, and she soon runs off.


Alone and afraid, Annuk must find his way back home through the forest. But someone is following him…

7 TheyMeetFinal

…it’s a young wolverine who wants to have him for lunch! Luckily Kaya, the sea-wolf cub who tried to steal his salmon, comes to the rescue! She scares off the wolverine and offers to help him find his way back home.

8 HidingFromGrizzlyFinal

As the two cubs journey together, they must face the dangers of the rainforest. They climb into a hollow log together to hide from a giant grizzly bear!


Later on, a cougar spots them! Luckily she’s on the other side of the river and cougars don’t like to swim if they can avoid it–a narrow escape!

11 BearCrossingRiver

Eventually the cubs must part, for Annuk needs to cross the river to find his family again. As he makes his way across the narrow, slippery log,

Annuk slips and nearly falls into the raging river below! It takes all of his courage and determination to pull himself back up and make it to the other side!

12 WolfAndBear-01

Alone again as night is falling, Annuk senses something following him again. This time it’s a predator, an adult male sea wolf! Annuk scrambles up a snag to escape, but the black wolf is determined to wait until Annuk comes down! What will be his fate?


As morning breaks, Annuk spots an adult wolverine slinking about in the forest and calls out to him, knowing that the wolf will fight him to protect his breakfast. As the two predators swirl in a fury of fur and fangs, Annuk sneaks down from his perch and steals away into the forest.

14 AcrossTheField

As Annuk heads back towards the den where he was born, he spots three black bears across a grassy field. He has found his family at last!  The bears rush to meet one another, tumbling together in the grass. Annuk is home at last!

15 Reunited

The End

Spirit Bear, a new book from Eco Books 4 Kids

These are the first completed illustrations by Micheal Arnott for Spirit Bear, the upcoming children’s book from Eco Books 4 Kids!

Spirit Bear is an entertaining, educational book intended to raise awareness about the spirit bears of British Columbia, whose habitat is currently under threat by the proposed Northern Gateway and Trans-Mountain oil pipelines. This book has been researched in order to make it as biologically accurate as possible, so that teachers may use it in their biology curriculum. The book will be accompanied by free resource materials for educators to make it easy for them to implement Spirit Bear into their lesson plans.

Spirit Bear will be available as an ebook, and as a paperback printed on 100% recycled paper with an FSC cover. All of our books will be printed locally here in Canada, to support local business and reduce the pollution and human right issues associated with globalization. At Eco Books 4 Kids, we strive to create the lowest ecological footprint possible with our children’s books, and to set an example as a truly green publishing company!

Please visit for more updates on Spirit Bear!

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