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Scratch Mommy

Are you looking for a blog to follow that covers everything from healthy recipes and skincare to life as a mom? You’ve found it! Jess is the Scratch Mommy, who gives her readers tips on how to make your own amazing meals and products that will enhance your family’s life and boost your health.


If you have no experience with a completely “green” lifestyle, don’t fret! Jess is admittedly “mostly chemical-free” and “slightly-crunchy,” which means that she is on your side in your adventure towards a healthier lifestyle.

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The Imagination Tree

The Imagination Tree is a resourceful parenting blog heralded by Anna Ranson in the UK. Anna was a teacher who specialized in early education and art before she became a mom. On her blog, there are many useful posts related to teaching, including learning activities organized in different categories of topic and age. The Imagination Tree’s tagline is, “creative play and learning for kids” and this is exactly what the content of the blog is. Anna firmly believes in the importance of play in the early years of a child’s life. She says that play, in all its varieties, impacts the child’s creativity and learning capabilities. Go check out The Imagination Tree if you want to learn how to increase the  benefits of your child’s playtime.

Anna and her daughters

Anna and her daughters

Just Add Cloth


Just Add Cloth is a family blog about real modern parenting where it’s okay to admit that it’s impossible for parents to keep it together all the time. As JAC states, “my kids wear mismatched clothes and I live in yoga pants. If you’re looking for glamour, you’ve come to the wrong place.” Blog posts consist of DIY projects, chats about parenting, how-to’s, and a few ramblings from a sleep-deprived mom. Take a look at Just Add Cloth if you’re curious about how other mothers deal with parenting.


My Real Review

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This is not your typical review site. Our goal is to make My Real Review a top resource for Canadian families, to help them discover products and ideas that really work.

We know how overwhelming it can be to find the best products to suit the unique needs of your family. We carefully test every product we receive for review to provide you with information you can trust. Credibility, consistency, and honest evaluations are of the utmost importance to us!

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My Real Review