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The Imagination Tree

The Imagination Tree is a resourceful parenting blog heralded by Anna Ranson in the UK. Anna was a teacher who specialized in early education and art before she became a mom. On her blog, there are many useful posts related to teaching, including learning activities organized in different categories of topic and age. The Imagination Tree’s tagline is, “creative play and learning for kids” and this is exactly what the content of the blog is. Anna firmly believes in the importance of play in the early years of a child’s life. She says that play, in all its varieties, impacts the child’s creativity and learning capabilities. Go check out The Imagination Tree if you want to learn how to increase the  benefits of your child’s playtime.

Anna and her daughters

Anna and her daughters

Growing Book by Book


Jodie Rodriguez, creator of the blog Growing Book by Book, is dedicated to helping parents, teachers, and homeschoolers encourage their children to read. Jodie shares helpful tips and her personal experiences in order to express the best ways to help children grow with every book they read. Both a mother and an educator herself, Jodie posts book reviews, reading and writing activities, and general tips on how to encourage reading in your household or classroom.


As Jodie states on her blog, “One of my many positions held as an educator was as a Reading Specialist! I love reading! Here you will find lots of reading activities to help build young readers.” Her unique reading activities cover everything from alphabet learning to reading comprehension. Additionally, she provides great ideas for activities that engage the entire family. For example, Jodie posts about the Family Dinner Book Club: “This is one of my favorite projects. Each month we recommend a book to read with your family. Then, on the 15th of the month we share a menu, table decoration crafts and table conversations for your dinner club.” 

If you would like to visit Growing Book by Book and learn more about nurturing your young readers, click here!

Teach Your Kids 7 Languages Through Fables

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This project successfully raised its funding goal 6 days ago.

3 Fables, 7 Languages!

My name is Maya. I’m 12 years old. And I would like to help your kids get a headstart for the future! Relive the classics and learn 7 foreign languages at the same time. With the help of my parents, I will adapt 3 fables and make them easier to understand for kids. Each fable will have a different linguistic focus. Together the collection of fables will cover quite a few concepts and expressions in the target languages.

  • The Tortoise and the Hare (focus: verbs and numbers)
  • The Cicada and the Ant (focus: greetings and weather)
  • The Fox and the Stork (focus: food)

Everybody can learn a language

Our goal is to make learning languages easy, fun and accessible to all. We will deliver each fable in two formats: as a free IPad App and via the web. Not only will your contribution make it possible to buy the necessary software, accessories (like a digital pen for my drawings), and hire native speakers, but most important, it will allow us to create and release these fables for free in all 7 languages.

For more information on this Kickstarter Campaign, click here:

Teach Your Kids 7 Languages Through Fables


The Peach Twins

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We are passionate about improving education for all children and the importance of reading to your child early on in order to build the strongest foundation for your child’s future success. We hope to start with “The Magical Peach Twins and Friends: The Legend of How the Peach Twins Saved Breakfast” (The Peach Twins) book as a means to promote your child’s learning.  We eventually plan to create a complete educational system to improve your child’s education and life.

The Peach Twins is a fun, uplifting and updated version of the Japanese folktale called Momotaro (or the Peach Boy). The Peach Twins is specially designed to empower your child by building their vocabulary and color recognition as well as instill the love of learning while making reading fun for both you and your child.  

The story follows the Peach Twins as they go on an adventure, making new friends and learning life lessons along the way.  Ultimately, they find the “evil doers” who they eventually defeat by using problem solving and teamwork, without the gory violence from the original story.

For more information on this Kickstarter project, click here:

The Peach Twins

Activities Children – a site for free children’s activities!

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This is Activities Children, an amazing resource for  variety of children’s activities: colouring pages, children crafts, educational resources, children food recipe, puzzles, printables of all sorts, worksheets, sudoku for children and lots more fun, free activities for children!


Fairytale Castle Craft


13 Fun Math Games for Kids

Salt Dough

Salt Dough