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Daily Detox

detoxdrinksNo matter how hard we may try to only put good into our bodies, there is always some level of bad that sneaks it’s way in. A  huge trend in the health and fitness world are detoxes-rituals used to eliminate waste and toxins from our bodies. You could spend hundreds of dollars purchasing kits online or even attending a week-long detox course or you could do something as simple as making your own, natural detoxifying beverage. Claire Goodall over at the amazing blog for her company Everyday Roots has compiled a list of recipes and methods you can make at home to help detoxify your body gently each day. My favorite one is a blend of fresh,organic watermelon, mint leaves and cucumber. It was super simple to make,tasted amazing and helped to hydrate my body while eliminating waste from my cells. It took all of five minutes to assemble the beverage and I now have a pitcher of detox water in my fridge at all times to aide in my everyday health and wellness routine. For more information and great detox recipes click here!


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