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Consultations underway on Baffin Island caribou

Community consultations continue this week in Nunavut’s Baffin region to determine how to respond to the near disappearance of the Baffin Island caribou.

Community consultations continue in Baffin region communities this week.

The Nunavut government and Inuit organizations are hearing from people affected by low numbers of caribou on Baffin Island.

In 2012, an aerial survey of southern Baffin Island confirmed the drastic decline in numbers.

Biologists estimated less than 5,000 animals remain in the South Baffin. In the 1990s, estimates based on smaller scale surveys and local knowledge put the number somewhere between 60,000 and 180,000.

Jaylene Goorts is the a biologist with the Nunavut Department of Environment.

She says that although it may be premature to assess what measures could be taken, some ideas are being discussed, such as limiting the number of caribou per household, or restricting the harvest to bulls only, and not females with calves.

“We’re just trying to gather suggestions at this point,” Goorts says. “Things that communities can suggest for conservation actions that can be taken by communities.”

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Forest Ethics

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This is Forest Ethics, a conservation organization devoted to the protection of forests. To date they’ve secured protection agreements for 65 million acres of forests and helped move billions of dollars of corporate buying towards environmentally responsible market solutions.

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Recently the Canadian government has been conducting an unprecedented dismantling of environmental laws and review processes — heavily scrutinizing environmental groups, and attempting to limit the public’s ability to advocate strongly and oppose these attacks. In response, Forest Ethics created two independent nonprofit entities in Canada, ForestEthics Solutions Society and ForestEthics Advocacy Association, in April 2012. ForestEthics Solutions continues to craft world-renown environmental solutions such as the Great Bear Rainforest Agreement and the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement. ForestEthics Advocacy is able to devote an unlimited amount of its time and resources to environmental advocacy-to ensure that destructive projects and weakened environmental laws are vigorously and successfully opposed.

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Forest Ethics