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Going Green One Week at a Time

Meet Joanna, a 23 year old environment enthusiast. She is dedicated to making one green change to her life every week, and documents it on her blog. She offers a diverse array of categories like packaging, cleaning, food, and clothing in order to improve life in many areas. She is also mindful to stay within her current means, and be critical about the products she buys. Follow her blog for tested-out tips on ways to go greener, one week at a time!

Just a ‘Teaspoon’ At a Time

The enormity of our environmental issues can be halting to many people. This is one blog to follow if this is you. Teaspoons of Change is a blog dedicated to enacting small, palatable changes in our every day lives in order to overcome the fear of insurmountably. “Through the sharing of ideas and experiences, Teaspoons of Change aims to promote small changes in our choices, decisions and actions that have a positive impact on people and the planet.” Choices made daily to minimise negative impact on the environment is a major focus for this blogger; however the biggest effort lies in his 1500km walk through Japan spanning two months. He plans to think of teaspoons of change along the way, and share them  on his blog! his experiences with whomever he meets.

Here chicky chicky chicky…

So much work for an already busy woman! This Vancouver mother, and urban homesteader begins work on her very own chicken coop, while managing a full time job! Kudos for all your efforts to reach self-sustainability; a project we all can take inspiration from.

Wolf and Finch Urban Homestead

I’ve started the coop! I cleared a big area, levelled it, dug in foundation blocks, made a level and square base plate that I doubled, sandwiching 2 layers hardware cloth in between. One piece to make an apron and one piece that will run up the outside where it will cover the run. The apron will run horizontally for 30″ and be covered with pavers with planters on top. This apron and run will keep out digging animals – raccoons, coyotes and dogs. The coop and run will have a peaked roof to keep out hawks, eagles and the rain. This much work took 3 full days. I assume the framing will take 2 full days, the roof trusses 2 full days and then finishing the house structure itself another 6-10 days. Given that I only have weekends this may take a while! I’m hoping to take off 3 days…

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Going Green in the Burbs

Follow this blog if your interested in hearing about one family in the suburbs strives to decrease their carbon footprint. Blogger Green Mom in the Burbs, covers DIY, gardening, and plenty of recipes, while chronicling the green alternatives she tries to implement along the way. Her crock pots are always on overdrive, with amazing looking food! Try her Crock Pot Chicken Curry here!

Cradle to Cradle, a Benchmark of Social Fairness

The Cradle to Cradle Certification is just one way to begin revolutionizing how we as a society harvest materials, manufacture products, and most importantly, what we do with them once they are not longer needed. Product Design must play a factor in a more sustainable future! For more information on the current environmental choices being made, stop by What’s New in Eco-Materials.

What's New in Eco-Materials

I’m not really a big fan of “certification”. I understand the reasons for it and I know that many who offer it are morally ethical with only the highest intentions but it is also based on distrust and buying integrity with dollars. Still, I really like the Cradle to Cradle Products Institute video I’ve shared above. Certainly, I do believe that product designers, architects and ordinary consumers should take such considerations into account, when creating a new product, conceptualizing a new structure or purchasing a product. And I believe it is both important for NOW and for our future generations, already alive and growing up on this planet.

The thing is that “certification” has been recognized as a definite revenue generator, so that now there are so many possible systems to validate one’s self with, that it would cost a small fortune to sign on with all of them. This…

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The Pretty Side of Eco-Friendly!

Let’s face it, Eco-friendly does not purport a terribly glamorous look. Here to dress up ‘Recycle’ and ‘Reuse’ is blogger Stephanie of She’s so Eco. Stephanie’s blog consists of all eco-friendly make-up, skincare, fashion and jewelry reviews.

Here's Stephanie sporting Synergy Organic Clothings dual toned angel wing dress, made from 100% organic cotton!

Here’s Stephanie sporting Synergy Organic Clothing’s dual toned angel wing dress, made from 100% organic cotton!


For more eco-friendly brands, balms and beads, for women, men and children, check out She’s so Eco.

Thinking, and Living Green in Canada

Eco Watch Canada, a committee of young professionals committed to developing, encouraging and implementing eco-friendly projects locally and abroad. Their blog, run by eco-enthusiast Alexa, and anthropology Masters student Julie, concentrates on finding ways to comfortably integrate eco-aware practices into everyday life. Improving ‘Green Thinking’ and ‘Green Living’ habits in Canada in this generation, Eco Watch Canada hopes to help steer our planet into a more sustainable future!

Food (Policy) For Thought

Food (Policy) For Thought is an extensive blog discussing consumption and production of food and its effects on the environment. Read by category, or by region, this “recent grad’s musings on sustainable food systems, agriculture and more” will leave you with a true education on the current rights and social issues in Food Policy. Heralding from Uppsala, Food (Policy) For Thought gives an interesting take on Urban Farming, the business fundamentals of organic, and the resilience of rainforests. Definitely a Blog to Follow. 

Are You Serious About Sustainability?

Aimee Nevens, or ‘EcoGrrl’ is serious about sustainability. Whether it is gardening, exploring the world, urban homesteading, and living car-free, her blog relays fresh takes, new ideas, and the realities of what life looks like eco-friendly. Her blog features community interviews, self-documentation of her eco-efforts, and sharing her findings as she implements small changes that make a big difference. Stop by for charming, entertaining and smart eco-lifestyle posts!

Aimee Nevens, green blogger!

Aimee Nevens, green blogger!

The Truth Behind Not Only Our Climate, But Game of Thrones, Too!

Meet Kate, a young, Canadian and incredibly accomplished Climate Scientist. She began her blog, Climate Sight, when she began to notice large discrepancies between climate science and public knowledge. Visit Kate’s blog for video’s, photos, and lengthy posts about the current status of our climate globally, and locally, with a dash of pop culture. Want an explanation for the seasons in Game of Thrones? Kate has a theory at


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