What’s this? Chimpanzees catch yawns from humans

Chimps start catching yawns from humans after about the age of five, indicating that empathy among chimps progresses with age.

Chimpanzees catch yawns from humans just like humans catch yawns from humans, new research shows.
Chimpanzees are amongst several primate species — including baboons and macaques — that have been shown to catch yawns from individuals within their own species. Researchers think this uncontrollable reaction helps communicate a sense of empathy that strengthens group bonds in both humans and primates.
To determine whether this phenomenon — known as contagious yawning — crosses species lines in chimpanzees, researchers at Lund University in Sweden studied 33 orphaned chimps between the ages of 13 months and 8 years, and observed each individual’s reaction to yawns from two different humans: one who they knew well (their surrogate mother), and one who they did not know at all (a researcher).

Read the full story here.


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