Stop tormenting breeding sows

Canada has a chance to make life more tolerable for sows that give birth to the pigs we eat.

They are highly intelligent animals that are, in essence, tortured during the duration of their breeding lives. Female pigs, social and aware, are held in extreme confinement during all but a few weeks around the birth of their piglets. Since most are impregnated shortly after their four-month gestation ends, the tragic routine continues, all in the name of pork production at the lowest possible cost. To call it inhumane is an understatement.

Worldwide, pressure on pork producers has changed legislation, forcing farmers throughout the European Union and Australia, for example, to dramatically reduce the amount of time breeding sows are stuffed into tiny cages. The stress the pigs suffer is intense enough that they develop behavioural problems, biting the metal bars until their mouths bleed. As Sayara Thurston of Humane Society International/Canada says, “they are basically driven insane.” Think about that next time you bite into barbequed ribs.

This week, Canada has the opportunity to change its rules and provide the sows that give birth to the pigs we eat something closer to humane treatment.

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