Pangolins: The extraordinary mammal going extinct but nobody’s noticed


Pangolins, a unique order of mammals, consisting of eight species spread across Africa, India & South-East Asia, are rapidly going extinct due to illegal poaching. The meat and scales are used for all manner of ‘delicacies’ and ‘natural medicines’ for a rising Asian middle class. The world’s only scaled mammals, this dog-sized cross between an anteater and a pine cone has sheathes of scales made of keratin covering most of it’s body. They are able to curl up into a tight ball like a hedgehog when sleeping or threatened, making the pine cone resemblance seem even more noticeable. Please click the link below to read the full story.

Pangolins Going Extinct


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3 responses to “Pangolins: The extraordinary mammal going extinct but nobody’s noticed”

  1. nerdinthebrain says :

    I had never even heard of pangolins! Thank you for sharing this information!

    • jensera says :

      You’re welcome! This is a truly unique and amazing animal, it would be a terrible loss if they were driven to extinction through poaching for human consumption.

  2. Persis says :

    Have you written any books or publications on pangolins?

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